Choose the best coworking space for your new corporate office

Choose the best coworking space for your new corporate office

Coworking is all the rage these days. It works out well for employees, professionals, freelancers and employers as well. It is a flexible, collaborative and voluntary style of work based on shared common values. Brad Neuberg is said to have started the movement for coworking in 2005. It is a community office space where freelancers usually meet, exchange ideas and also work.

Coworking has its own advantages and hence is used by many. There are plenty of businesses that provide affordable coworking space because it is so popular. Coworking spaces are extremely different from traditional office settings. These are large open spaces with comfortable seating arrangements. There are very few walls that separate workspaces as the whole concept revolves around collaboration which comes only if people can meet and see each other.

If you are looking for coworking offices in Delhi, then check us out at The Business Square. We are a company that provides a listing of businesses that have coworking spaces available to be leased or rented. Our platform brings sellers and buyers together. Owners can list their Co-working spaces and Clients in need of office; can lease it through our website. It is a one-stop shop for unique coworking spaces. The operations through the website – of looking for or booking spaces is very simple. There are no hassles on rental agreements and the like. Buyers can look up spaces select what they like, pay through our website and just like that the space is yours.

We at The Business Square have listings of some of the coolest locations for the best coworking space in Delhi. There are office spaces in Mehrauli, DLF Cyber City and Udyog Vihar to name a few. The listed workspaces have amenities such as wifi, parking areas, airconditioning, connected phone lines, daily housekeeping, power backup, printing facilities and office stationery. Many places are connected by the metro and have mail and package handling services as well. There are food courts, recreational areas, cafeterias, IT support, free beverage machines, spacious meeting rooms and projectors. The offices are furnished well with an open workspace to promote collaboration and networking. The design and decor are very modern and fresh. Our listed spaces have everything that an office would need to function every day. All you need to do is just move there to work.

Our website is one place where you can find coworking spaces easily and at great prices. The spaces are well serviced and have private offices and desks for working. Many listed properties have a fitness center and storage facilities as well. So, if you have a business or need a new office space for your venture, check out our property listings at and find an affordable, collaborative coworking space in no time.


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