Who use Co-working space? What are the benefits of coworking spaces?

Who use Co-working space? What are the benefits of coworking spaces?

Co-working spaces are believed to be used by more than 80 percent of corporate firms globally by 2020.

What the big organizations reportedly liked the most in this concept is the scope of flexibility, and also the variety of opportunities to meet multifold and skilled personalities at a single workplace at minimum cost.

Considering the work sector around us, it is briefed through the surveys done at mega cities like Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, etc. that numerous big corporations, are readily adopting this Co-working space concept, by liberalizing their employees to work from Co-working spaces.

Also the whole working community including Freelancers, Start-up founders, Big Corporates, and Non-profit organizations are seeming to take a deep interest in it.

Putting some eyes on those who are convincingly adopting this concept and their reasons behind it. For say, Why do they consider Co-working spaces as their second place for work rather than at home?

Freelancers- It is found that lack of space at home is sort of disturbing ambiance and hindering their performances, therefore, they prefer to work in a place of some working environment.

Startups- Being dependent on seed funding completely, Startup founders are usually found to be of pennywise nature especially in the very beginning phase of their businesses. Hence they prefer to choose Co-working spaces due to its low rental costs and enthusiastic working environment there, which could play a key role to them.

Corporate sector- Big firms and organizations usually like their workers to be available 24X7 for them, and the Co-working spaces provide them a flexibility to work from there rather than being present on site all the time. Therefore, they like the community of coworking spaces and love the flexibility they get in it.

Also, by quarter three of 2020, more than 80 percent of big corporations are reportedly envisaged to adopt coworking spaces due to the flexibility only.

Nonprofit organizations- Selfless organizations are like a body, built only for the welfare of the society or a group of deserving people. But this could be done only after a successive participation of multifold personalities, who must be cooperating with real interest to work or serve people for public interest, by standing outside of their personal interests for a certain period of time at least.

Because they are cheap (low rental costs) and also the diversifying community of such spaces render opportunity to meet variety of skilled people at one place, therefore making Non-Profit’s work rather efficiently than before.

A coworking space can have –

A Skype booth
Printing machines
A community of coworkers
A mood of work

Benefits of Co-working spaces-

Increases interactions with multi skilled people.
Superior knowledge gathering due to challenging mindful of environment.
It is cost efficient and diversifying in nature.

TheBusinessSquare does serve the same feature to the whole country and is expanding itself towards north. It has already covered many of the Mega cities including Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai as well.

Countries like India is supposedly late with respect to some other countries of Europe and North America, but this concept is getting epidemic here also and has a steep scope of learning in India and countries like India which are yet striving for better Human development Index.


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